212 S&P 500 Companies Outperformed Bitcoin in Past 12 Months


Even though Bitcoin (BTC) has a respectable return of around 60% in 2021 it is still outperforming the original cryptocurrency for the year.

Based on MicroStrategy overview returns of different assets versus bitcoin data, 212 of 500 companies that make up the broad S&P 500 index performed better than bitcoin over a 12-month period as of January 6.

The data revealed that several of the most prominent tech companies worldwide, such as Apple, Microsoft and, were among them. BTC was also outperformed by traditional retailers like Home Depot or Costco. Financial institutions, such as Bank of America or JPMorgan, were also included.

Alphabet posted the highest return against BTC out of all these companies. It gained close to 65% in US dollars terms and 46% in bitcoin terms.

Apple returned 39% in USD and 23% using BTC as the baseline. Bloomberg TV anchor Joe Weisenthal was quoted by calling Apple’s performance “just amazing.”

He wrote that “It’s larger than Bitcoin and delivering higher returns with smaller drawdowns and smaller swings overall.”

Alex Gladstein, a Bitcoin proponent and Chief Strategist at the Human Rights Foundation pointed out the differences between the assets, given that Bitcoin is an open-network and Apple stocks can only been purchased through regulated brokerages that have know-your-customers checks.

Index beats BTC also
It is not surprising that BTC outperformed many stocks over the past 12 month period. The index overall also performed better than the number 1 cryptocurrency.

The S&P 500 index had risen by 12% in comparison to Bitcoin and 27% in US Dollars over the past 12 months. This means that even a common passive fund, which is a popular part of many investors’ investment portfolios, would have produced better returns than bitcoin last fiscal year.

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