3 Russian Universities Add Crypto & Blockchain Courses



The educational programs will be offered with the start of the new academic year this fall. They cover a wide variety of subjects, including cryptography, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, alternative payment systems, digital economy, accounting and management.

The Voronezh State University (VSU)

The Voronezh State University (VSU) has established a bachelor’s degree program focused on studying digital economy and blockchain technology, the institution announced on its website. The new major called “Models and methods for analyzing the digital economy” is offered by the Department of Information Technologies and Mathematical Methods in Economics. Classes will begin from September 18.

 Don State Technical University (DSTU)

Two master’s programs in blockchain technologies will be offered by the Don State Technical University (DSTU), its press service announced this week – “Intellectual systems based on blockchain technologies” and “Digital accounting and management.” Students will be taught knowledge needed to develop new information systems and create modern electronic payment methods and structures.

DSTU’s Vice-Rector Alexey Belskopilniy said,

“We offer graduate students [the opportunity] to study in depth the distributed ledger technology. Blockchain is a promising technology that is rapidly introduced in many areas of life. Demand for specialists in this field is growing every day,”

Novosibirsk State University (NSU)

Novosibirsk State University (NSU), is already conducting cryptography courses in English. In September, its Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty will accept the first 15 students of its MS degree program in cryptography, according to an announcement posted on its website. They will study encryption techniques and blockchain technologies as part of a two-year intensive modular training scheme.

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