ADA Climbs 18% in 24 Hours to $1.7 All-Time High


Cardano (ADA) has topped a new all-time high of $1.7 after gaining 18% within 24 hours. ADA has spiked as much as 800% since the beginning of the year before the new record on May 6. 

As stated in a by Cryptopotato, Cardano has been collaborating with African countries. Recently, Cardano partnered with the Ethiopian government to issue blockchain-based IDs to students. The partnership aims to digitize the educational sector in Ethiopia by offering the IDs to 5 million students. 

Apart from partnering with the Ethiopian government, Cardano has also partnered with the Tanzanian government to offer better access to social, digital, and financial services in the region. 

More organizations have also been adopting ADA on their platforms. Coinbase Pro included the asset on its trading platform, while Kraken listed the coin for staking.

From trading at $0.18 at the beginning of the year, ADA currently trades at 13.91% to $1.63. It only took two months from $0.18 to hit $1. With a market cap of over $52 billion, ADA is currently ranked 7th by Coinmarketcap. 

Cardano launched in 2015, released by Ethereum cofounder, Charles Hoskinson.

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