Analysts Unravel Why Post-Halving Bull Streak Stays Likely, As Bitcoin Clock Rounds Back to Last Event


When Bitcoin fell in the march 12 market carnage, the cycle rounded it back to where it was before the 2016 halving.

As of the moment, Bitcoin is trading at $6,780 price level.

Looking at Bitcoin’s market activity in the last two years, the asset has undergone series of bearish downturns which shed almost 84% off its all-time high of $20,000 as it hit a bottom of $3,800 in the March 12th market carnage.

From the $3,800 bottom to where Bitcoin price sits at the moment is almost a 120% jump, replaying back to the same timeframe in the previous cycle, barely a month away from the last halving, BTC price was trading at 120% above where the bottom was set earlier.

The fact that the march 12 market carnage rounded back the hands of the clock to the past halving has given credence to the possibility of a bull streak after this upcoming halving.

BTC ‘s halving has been noted as the catalyst for its exponential price hikes in the past while reduced supply weighs on its price with an imbalance of supply and demand resulting in an exponential price hike. Analyzing the past two halvings, Bitcoin price grew until it peaked and then a fresh cycle kickstarts.

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