Bangladesh Government to Send 100 Graduates Abroad for Blockchain Training


The government of Bangladesh is apparently interested in blockchain technology and will be doing what it can to push the sector forward. According to reports, it has concluded plans to send more than a few IT graduates to India and Japan, specifically to undergo blockchain technology training, using specific IT funds.

It has now been announced that 100 fresh IT graduates from Bangladesh will be sent to acquire knowledge and expertise in different fields including distributed ledger technology, machine learning, cyber security and also artificial intelligence.

Using the same $208 million IT funds, the Bangladesh government has also decided to send another 200 graduates of electrical and electronic engineering as well as computer science, to also train and acquire international knowledge and study globally accepted standards in their respective fields, as well as learn future developments.

Interested candidates are expected to apply on the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority website where it also reveals that the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division will be preparing a mandatory exam for all interested candidates who are less than 32. Candidates who fall below the age will not be considered until they have successful passed the exam.

The endeavour will be financed from money set aside by the government back in 2017, for the creation of 12 ICT and hi-tech parks in different districts. The funding totaled 17.96 Bangladeshi taka, roughly $208 million.

This is another development in the ongoing drive from many organisations and governments in different parts of the world, who are constantly creating technology-centered programs or funding and awarding scholarships for people to study.

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