Bank Manager Gut Feeling Helps Her Thwart Crypto Scammers


South Korean commercial bank Nonghyup Bank claimed that a member its staff was able to quickly think and prevent a major case of crypto fraud.

According to News1, Oh Ji-jung (40), a branch manager at NH in Jeju’s sub-tropical island provincial, felt “strange” about a transaction that was requested by one her customers. She decided to take over and explain the situation.

Unnamed female customer had sent USD 7,000 to a crypto-related company to purchase cryptoassets. However, she had not received any tokens or a reply from the vendor.

Oh, sharp-witted, intervened and called the company in the case, claiming that it was an instance “suspected fraudulent”. She also spoke to the company in the question, “hinting that the customer would likely take the matter to the police.”

The company promptly reimbursed the customer for the entire USD 7,000, apparently spooked by this call.

And Oh instincts proved to be right: Later, it was discovered that the company was under investigation by officers from another region of the country. The company was accused of committing fraud by allegedly collecting fiat payments from “a variety of investors”, in addition to the female customer.

Oh was available to give reporters a valuable warning about the dangers of investing in modern times, explaining via The Jemin Ilbo

“Recently there has been an increase in the number of cases in which funds have been transferred to different bank accounts under different names. Many investors are enticed by the promise of quick, high-quality returns and easy money from companies that collect funds.

NH is currently one of three banks in the country that provides authenticated, real-name and social security number-authenticated financial services to crypto exchanges. The company also explores potential business opportunities in crypto-related areas, such as crypto custody-related services.

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