Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban Invests in Polygon (MATIC)


American billionaire investor Mark Cuban has invested in the Ethereum-based scaling solution Polygon (MATIC), putting his weight behind an asset that has grown more than 9,000% since the year began. Although the investment was on one of Cuban’s websites, the billionaire is yet to provide details of his position. 

Earlier reports by Cointelegraph stated that Cuban adding MATIC to his portfolio confirms that the billionaire supports the project.

The investor said that his company – Dallas Mavericks – will continue to accept BTC payments even when Elon Musk announced that. According to Tesla, Bitcoin is harmful to the environment due to its energy consumption. 

Further supporting cryptocurrency, Cuban said that the crypto industry is bright. He, however, noted that more transactions per second and reduced gas fees would not be enough. He continued:

Image Credits: Pixabay

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