Binance Hackers Moved Stolen BTC to 7 Wallet Addresses


7,074 Bitcoins stolen from Binance have been transferred to seven Bitcoin addresses.

First pointed out by The Block, 6 of the addresses hold 1,060.6 BTC each while one stores 707.1 BTC. Five of these addresses including the one with 707.1 BTC are Bech32 (SegWit) addresses while the other three are P2PKH addresses.

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A single transaction on Tuesday siphoned 7,074 BTC from Binance’s hot wallet. As seen on blockchain analyzing platforms, the transaction had 44 outputs out of which 21 were Bech32 addresses, and 99.97 percent of the stolen funds were transferred to them.

As reported by Finance Magnates yesterday, the crypto exchange revealed the massive attack after unscheduled maintenance which affected deposits and withdrawal on the platform. Binance explained that “a large number of user API keys, 2FA codes, and potentially other info” were compromised to carry out the attack.

Binance is one of the largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume available in the market. The attack on the exchange was the 6th biggest heist the industry has seen so far, involving $40.7 million worth Bitcoins.

Blacklisted addresses

After the attack, the exchange received massive support from the crypto community – both from the traders and its peer exchanges. Major exchanges including Coinbase blacklisted the addresses involved in the attack to prevent the hackers from cashing out the digital currencies in fiat.


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