Bitcoin and Ethereum Aim For More Gains, Altcoins Remain Attractive

  • The Bitcoin price is now closer to USD 38,000
  • Ethereum is moving towards USD 2,300. XRP could gain currency if it clears USD 0.650.
  • AXS rose more than 20% and broke the USD 50 mark.

The USD 40,000 resistance zone was broken and Bitcoin prices fell. BTC fell below USD 38,000 but bulls were active above USD 36,000 support. The price is currently rising at 12:12 UTC. It could rise higher than USD 38,000.

Similar signs are being seen in major altcoins, which are also showing signs of an increase. ETH has risen to USD 2,200, and could soon reach USD 2,300. XRP is rising towards the USD 0.650 resistance zone.

Bitcoin price

Recently, bitcoin price saw a sharp decline from the USD 40,000 resistance. BTC has broken the USD 38,000 support level and USD 37,000 resistance levels. It was still well-priced at USD 36,400. The result was an increase of USD 37,000. The USD 38,000 level is the initial resistance. The USD 38,500 level is the next major resistance.

The downside is that the price may remain at USD 37,000. Near USD 36,400 is the next support.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price found a strong support near the USD 2,150 level. ETH is currently rising, and is now above the USD 2,200 mark. There are still chances for a move higher than USD 2,280 or USD 2,300 if the bulls stay active.

The USD 2,200 level might be a support area for the price if there is another drop. Support is currently located at the USD 2,150 level.

ADA, LTC and DOGE prices

Cardano (ADA) remained stable above the USD 1.20 level. ADA has recovered its losses and is now above USD 1.25. The immediate resistance level is at USD 1.30. Above that, the price could accelerate towards USD 1.35. The USD 1.20 level provides major support.
Litecoin (LTC) is attempting a fresh increase above USD 130. The USD 135 price level could be reached if the close is above USD 130. The bulls may face strong selling interest if they reach USD 140 as the key resistance.

Dogecoin (DOGE) spiked below USD 0.20 before recovering higher. The USD 0.20 level is the current resistance. The USD 0.212 level is the initial resistance. Above that, the price could test USD 0.230. Nearly USD 0.250 is the main resistance to a greater increase.

XRP price found support near USD 0.612. It is currently recovering and trading at USD 0.630. Near USD 0.650 is the first key resistance. The next resistance is close to USD 0.680. Above that, the price could test USD 0.700. The price could also fall and revisit the USD0.612 support zone.

Altcoins are also available today

A few altcoins fell more than 8%, including SUSHI and ICP, AMP, AAVE. TheTA, TEL. CRV, ETC., and KSM. SUSHI has fallen 10%, breaking the USD 8.50 support. FLOW, CHSB and OKB are all up 6%-24%.

Bitcoin price has recovered losses and is trading at USD 37,000. BTC could see a stronger uptrend if it settles above USD 38,000 in the short term.

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