Bitcoin and Ethereum Take Another Step Higher, FTM and ROSE Rally


Bitcoin price has extended recovery and was tested at USD 43,000
Ethereum surged above USD 3,250 resistance, while XRP rose above USD 0.75.
FTM and ROSE advanced by more than 17%
The Bitcoin price began to rise steadily above the USD 41 500 level. BTC reached the USD 42,500 resistance, and briefly soared to USD 43,000. It is currently at 04.21 UTC and consolidating around USD 42,700 with strong support at USD 42,000

The majority of major altcoins are moving higher as well. ETH surged to USD 3.150 and briefly jumped to USD 3.250. XRP gained strength above USD 0.75 while ADA broke through the USD 1.20 resistance zone.

Bitcoin price
After closing above USD 41.500, Bitcoin price began recovering. It climbed above USD 42,500 resistance and then surpassed USD 43,000, but it failed to gain strength. It is consolidating gains close to USD 42,700. The USD 43,000 level is the immediate resistance. The USD 43,500 is the next major resistance. If the price breaks that, it could start to move towards USD 44,500.

A support level of USD 42,000 is the initial support. Near USD 41,750 is the next support level, below which price could revert to USD 40,500.

Ethereum price
Ethereum price soared after breaking the USD 3,150 resistance level. Even though ETH spiked above USD 3,250, the bears prevailed. The next hurdle to clear is USD 3,250 resistance, which will be near USD 3,320. If that happens, the price could rise to USD 3,440.

The USD 3,180 level is the initial support. The USD 3,150 level is the next major support. Below that, the price could test USD 3,020.

ADA, BNB and SOL prices.
Cardano, ADA was able clear the USD 1.165 & USD 1.180 resistance levels. The price surged to USD 1.20 and is consolidating. Near USD 1.22 is the next major resistance, and above that the price could accelerate towards USD 1.25.

Binance coin rallied more than 6%, and there was a clear movement above the USD450 level. It now faces resistance at the USD 465 level. The price could test USD 500 if it overcomes the USD 478 level.

Solana was able recover USD 132 and USD 135. The price is currently stuck at USD 140 with a major hurdle close to USD 150. The upside break above USD 150 could lead to a rise in the price towards USD 165.

DOGE was up nearly 6%, with a break above USD 0.150. The USD 0.165 level is the next major resistance. The price could test USD 0.145 if there is a downturn.

After breaking above the USD 0.750 resistance level, XRP price gained momentum. The USD 0.780 level is the next resistance. If the price breaks above that level, it could test the USD 0.80 threshold.

Altcoins are also available today
Several altcoins have seen gains of over 5% including ROSE and FTT. KSM, MINA MATIC, ONE. GALA, EGLD. NEAR. ROSE gained 23% and broke above the USD 0.45 mark. FTM rose 17% and cleared USD 2.7.

Overall, the bitcoin price is rising above the USD 42,000 mark. BTC could show a stronger uptrend if it remains stable above USD 42,000

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