Bitcoin and Ethereum Target Additional Gains, ADA Extends Rally

  • The Bitcoin price is trying to increase by USD 46,000
  • Ethereum broke the USD 3200 resistance; XRP targets USD 0.900.
  • The ADA gained more than 11% and surpassed USD 1.75 resistance.

The Bitcoin price was well above the USD 45,000 support level. BTC experienced a new increase above the USD 46,000 support level before falling again. It currently trades at USD 45,000.

Most altcoins trade in a positive zone, too. The USD 3,200 resistance was overcome by ETH, which gained strength. XRP is still sending bullish signs and it might hit USD 0.900 and move higher.

Bitcoin price

After a minor decline, bitcoin price found support near the USD 45,000 zone. BTC experienced a new increase above the USD 45,000. resistance zone. The USD 46,500 level was even exceeded by the Bitcoin, and it then moved lower again. It could continue its upward trend and reach the USD 46,000.500 level. This scenario could see the price hitting the USD 48,000 resistance level in the near future.
The USD 45,000 level provides decent support. Near the USD 44,000.500 level is the first support.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price remained stable above the USD 3,100 level and it extended its increase. ETH climbed higher than the USD 3,200 resistance level and USD 3,220 resistance levels before falling back. The bulls may be looking for greater upsides than the USD 3,280 or USD 3,300 levels.

A USD 3,150 level is the immediate support. The USD 3,110 level is the first major support. Below that, the price could test USD 3,050.

ADA, LTC and DOGE prices

Cardano (ADA) started a strong rally after it settled above the USD 1.50 level. The ADA has risen more than 11% and broke the USD 1.75 resistance. The price could reach USD 1.80 if the bulls continue to act.
Litecoin (LTC) is up almost 4% and it shortly broke the USD 170 resistance. The USD 180 is the key hurdle, although it is close to the USD 175 resistance level. A move above the USD 180 level in a follow-up could be enough to test the USD 200 resistance zone.

Dogecoin (DOGE) gained 5% and it settled above the USD 0.250 level. It is currently trying to increase its pace above the USD 0.260 level. The USD 0.300 resistance might be tested if the price breaks above USD 0.280. A downside correction could occur towards the USD 0.2220 support zone.

XRP price is up almost 8% and it surpassed the USD 0.850 resistance. The price is currently trying to close above USD 0.900. It could succeed and lead to an increase towards the USD 1.0 resistance.

Altcoins are also available today

Altcoins climbed above 10% including IOTX and AXS. IOTX rose 241%, breaking the USD 0.10 mark.

Bitcoin price is moving higher than the USD 45,000. Resistance. BTC may continue to climb above USD 46,500 in the next sessions.

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