Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Major Altcoins Stuck In Key Range

  • The Bitcoin price is trading below the USD 44,000. resistance.
  • Ethereum faces resistance at USD 3,050. XRP remains stuck between USD 0.99 and USD 1.
  • VET, QTUM and OMG have increased by more than 11%

The Bitcoin price was stable above the USD 43,200 support. BTC saw a new increase above the USD 43,000. Although it is trading at USD 43,500 at 04.24 UTC, there is still a significant hurdle close to USD 44,400.

The majority of major altcoins trade below key hurdles. ETH has risen above USD 3,000 but bears may remain active around USD 3,050 or USD 3,150. XRP trades in a range below USD 1.0 resistance. ADA remains between USD 2.00 & USD 2.20.

Bitcoin price

After a correction, Bitcoin price reached support of USD 42,500. BTC experienced a new increase and reached USD 43,500. The USD 44,000 mark is the immediate obstacle. The USD 44,400 level is the next major resistance. If the price reaches that point, it could accelerate to USD 45,500, or even USD 46,000.

A support level of USD 42,500 is available on the downside. The USD 40,800 level is the main range support, and the bulls may take a stand.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price reached support at USD 2,950, and then recovered higher. ETH now faces resistance at USD 3,050. The USD 3,120 and USD 3150 levels are the main resistances. In the short term, a close above USD 3150 could signal a stronger rise.

USD 2,950 is the initial support level in case of a new decline. Near the USD 2,840 level, we are seeing the first major support.

ADA, LTC and DOGE prices

Cardano ADA remains below the USD 2.12 pivot point. The price is currently stuck below USD 2.20. Above that, the price could rise. USD 2.02 serves as a support. The USD 2.00 level is the main breakdown support. Below that, bears could take control.

Litecoin is moving at a faster pace than the USD 150 level. To continue climbing, however, it must overcome the resistance at USD 155. USD 165 could be the next stop, and USD 188 could be the next target for bulls. The price could fall towards USD 140 if it does not.

Dogecoin is consolidating above 0.200. The USD 0.205 level is the immediate resistance. The USD 0.212 level is the main range resistance. The USD 0.220 level could be reached if the USD 0.212 level is broken.

The XRP price trades in a wide range below the USD 1.00 resistance. An increase could be initiated if the USD 1.00 resistance is breached. The USD 0.900 level, on the other hand, is a crucial breakdown support. In the short term, a close below USD 0.900 could lead to severe losses.

Altcoins are also available today

Some altcoins have seen gains of over 5% such as OMG, VET and QTUM. OMG rose 12% to surpass the USD 12 level.

Bitcoin price has remained stable above USD 43,000. To continue rising in the next days, BTC must reach USD 44,400.

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