Bitcoin-keen Palihapitiya Says He Won’t Run for Governor of California


The “Bitcoin (BTC) candidate” for the forthcoming Californian gubernatorial race has ruled himself out of a run at the post – which may see voters in the state head to the polls later this year.

In a recent edition of the All In podcast, which he co-hosts, bitcoin bull Chamath Palihapitiya, who is also the chairman of Virgin Galactic and the CEO of the venture capital firm Social Capital, appeared to rule himself out of the running for the election – despite declaring his intention to run on Twitter and launching a “Chamath for California Governor” website (still active), featuring manifesto promises.

But on the podcast, Palihapitiya, who has previously advised people to keep 1% of their savings in bitcoin, instead distanced himself from talk of elections, stating that he was “not ready” to stand for governor.

He explained that he was working on a project involving batteries that he claimed was “important for a lot of places than just California,” and adding that he would not “abandon” the project, saying,

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