Bitcoin Rallies Towards USD 52K, Ethereum Consolidates, Altcoins In Uptrend


The bullish momentum in Bitcoin’s price has been above USD 50,000. Ethereum is consolidating below USD4,000 and XRP has risen above the USD 1.30 resistance. QNT and FTM are both up 28%.

The Bitcoin price was well-bought and it began a new rise above the USD 50k resistance. BTC gained almost 4%, and even crossed USD 51,000. It is currently at 03.35 UTC consolidating gains below USD 52,000 resistance.

Many major altcoins have also been rising. ETH is showing gains but is still facing resistance in the USD 4,000 area. XRP has risen more than 6%, and broke the USD 1.30 resistance. ADA still has difficulty clearing the USD 3.00 resistance.

Bitcoin price

After a successful close above USD 50,000, bitcoin price gained bullish momentum. BTC has broken many barriers, including USD 51,000 and USD 51,000. BTC traded at USD 52,000 even before the bears arrived. It is consolidating gains below USD 52,000 resistance. The upside breakout above USD 52,000 could lead to a rise towards USD 53,000.
The downside is that the price may find support at the USD 51,200 level. Support is currently forming at the USD 50,500 level.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price made another attempt to clear the USD 4,000 resistance, but it failed. ETH fell below USD 3,950 as a result. The bulls were active at USD 3,850. With many obstacles near USD 3,980 or USD 4,000, the price is consolidating above USD 3.900.

The price may find support at USD 3,850 if there is a further downside correction. The USD 3,800 level is the next major support.

ADA, LTC and DOGE prices

Cardano (ADA) failed to stay above USD 3.00 and corrected lower. However, the downsides were minimal below USD 2.85. The price is currently stuck below the USD 3.00 resistance. An increase of USD 3.00 or more could be possible.

Litecoin (LTC) broke many hurdles near USD 200 and USD 212. LTC has already crossed USD 220, and is consolidating its gains. The USD 230 level is the immediate resistance. Breaking above USD 230 or USD 232 could allow for a move towards USD 250.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is up over 4% and it broke the USD 0.312 resistance. The USD 0.320 level is the next major resistance. The USD 0.335 level could be reached if there are more gains. In the event that this happens, the price could fall towards USD 0.300.

XRP price gained pace above the USD 1.30 resistance. It has risen more than 6%, and even passed the USD 1.32 resistance. The bulls encountered resistance at the USD 1.34 level. There was an increase in volatility. XRP is currently consolidating at USD 1.32 with support close to USD 0.305 or USD 0.300.

Altcoins are also available today

Altcoins like QNT, FTM and FIL are all up more than 5%. QNT rose over 41%, surpassing the USD 335 level.

Bitcoin price settled well over the USD 50,000 resistance zone. BTC could move towards USD 53,000 or USD 53,000. If it continues to rise, and clears USD 521,000,

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