“Bitcoin” Searches On Google Hits 3-Month Record With Africa In The Lead


Google Trends has shown that general interest in the word “Bitcoin” from searches on the search engine, have now hit the highest level its been, for three months. At the moment, Bitcoin is trading above $9,100 and interest hasn’t been this pronounced since back in August when Bitcoin hit $11,700.

The result also shows what countries dominate the searches. Interestingly, three out of the top 5 countries are African, and they include Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. Other countries in the top 5 are Austria and Brazil.

While Bitcoin is enjoying renewed interest causing a spike in searches, “blockchain” has not been so lucky. There were no large recorded spikes in interest for blockchain technology at least as far as Google is concerned. However, it might be important to note that while there are no spikes, the levels for “blockchain” searches have been a whole lot more stable than that of Bitcoin.

Even though the effect of the Chinese president’s endorsement of blockchain technology was not seen on Google, WeChat is a whole other story. As we reported recently, there were considerable spikes in search entries for both Bitcoin and blockchain on the platform. Furthermore, China’s A-share market for blockchain firms, also scaled the 10% daily limit.

Proponents generally hope that market activity will keep interest up as long as it possibly can, so it doesn’t wane anytime soon.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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