Bitcoin Turns Into a Political Tool as US Mayors Compete For BTC Salaries


Another US politician decided to accept part of their salary in cryptocurrency. This shows how Bitcoin (BTC) has become a political tool for decision-makers who want to appeal to tech-savvy and crypto friendly voters.

Eric Adams, the election has been elected New York City’s mayor. He joins a growing list of crypto-friendly US mayors, who have declared their willingness to accept their next paychecks in BTC.

Miami’s pro-crypto Mayor Francis Suarez was reelected earlier in the week as the Republican Party candidate. declared shortly afterwards that he would receive his next paycheck “100%” in bitcoin.

Adams, a Democrat has responded to this. He vowed during his campaign to transform the Big Apple “the center for bitcoins.”

Adams would have USD 64,635 in cryptocurrency if he took into consideration his predecessor’s reported annual salary of USD 258,541. This is slightly less than BTC 1, as of UTC 09:00.

Suarez welcomed the declaration of the mayor-elect and congratulated Adams for his election. He said that he looked forward to friendly competition in making their respective cities a crypto capital!

Scott Conger, a Jackson, Tennessee mayor, joined the race for America’s most crypto-friendly Mayor. Conger has been the mayor of Jackson since 2019. The politician stated that he could not legally receive bitcoin payments by the city, but he would buy crypto with his next salary and “instantly convert my next paycheck into Bitcoin”.

Jayson Stewart, Missouri’s mayor, went so far as to promise that he would give USD 1,000 worth bitcoin to each household in Cool Valley, a town of approximately 1,100 people.

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