Bitcoin Whitepaper Battle: Wright’s Request, Cobra’s Refusal, Devs’ Removal


Controversial Australian computer scientist Craig Wright demanded and websites take down the famous Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper citing copyright law – with the owner of, Cobra Bitcoin, refusing to do so, and Bitcoin Core developers removing it anyway.

Early on Thursday morning (UTC time), Cobra announced that would be posting a statement “regarding upcoming news associated with CSW [Wright].” Approximately an hour later, they published a notice saying that on January 20 both and received allegations of copyright infringement of the Bitcoin whitepaper by lawyers representing Wright, claiming that: Wright owns the copyright to the paper, the Bitcoin name, and, and that he is Satoshi Nakamoto – therefore, the original owner of

One alleged letter circulated online is addressed to Cobra specifically, with Wright asking for the whitepaper to be removed from the websites and not published again without permission. The letter further demands Cobra’s personal information for communication purposes, or Wright “will take steps to ascertain them by other means.” They gave the site owner until February 3 to respond.

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