Expands Services to Incorporate Polkadot Tokens


Crypto data and wallet service,, has just announced an official partnership with the Polkadot Network, to push forward the adoption of “”>Polkadot tokens (“DOTs”). The collaboration between the two will help improve and provide real solutions to problems with inter-blockchain interoperability, as well as the establishment of a new standard for on-chain governance.

The announcement further states that as soon as the integration between the two projects is officially achieved, all of’s users will easily be able to transact DOTs, including sending, receiving and storing the assets. Furthermore, the integration is set to “drive the network’s governance by voting on key questions like proposed amendments to the network protocol and council members.”

Co-founder and CEO of Blockchain, Peter Smith, has also spoken on the partnership, expressing satisfaction with the Polkadot team. According to Smith:

“Polkadot is exactly the type of purpose-driven network we’ve always supported at Blockchain. The team behind the project has a wealth of experience, and shares our vision for a decentralized future where users are in control.”

Polkadot was first announced back in 2017 as an initiative from the Web3 Foundation. The project is currently still being worked out by Dr. Gavin Wood and Dr. Jutta Steiner, both of whom are co-founders of Parity Technologies and were also an integral part of the original Ethereum team.

The idea of promoting a reliable connection between several blockchain networks is bound to push adoption but also encourage a lot of interoperability between these blockchains.

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