CEX.io Survey Finds 13 Percent of Brits Hold Digital Assets


A survey compiled by cryptocurrency exchange CEX.io has found that approximately 13 percent of Brits hold some form of digital asset.

Astonishingly, 35 percent of those people claimed that they owned cryptocurrency assets worth in excess of £100,000 ($126,300).

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CEX.io, a London-based cryptocurrency exchange, asked just over a thousand UK residents a number of different questions about digital assets.

If that sample were genuinely representative of the UK population as a whole, it would mean that 4.5 percent on the country’s population holds more than £100,000-worth of cryptocurrency.

Of the 13 percent that held cryptocurrencies, bitcoin was the most popular asset with 43 percent of respondents saying they held some of the cryptocurrency.

Another 18 percent held ether, and 19 percent had alt-coin holdings.

A little flutter

Interestingly, 14 percent of respondents said that they also engaged in online money-making activities, such as betting, e-sports, and trading. CEX.io did not indicate what level of overlap there was between this group of people and those that said they invested in cryptocurrencies.

For the group of participants surveyed as a whole, 28 percent said that they would be willing to invest in cryptocurrencies if they knew more about them. Similarly, 12 percent said that better security options might persuade them to invest.

Most participants – 54 percent – didn’t specify why they would buy cryptocurrencies, though 14 percent said they would use them as an investment and another 8 percent said it was good for betting or gambling.

Amongst 18-24-year-olds, 39 percent said they would be happy to use crypto assets as a banking option, while more than 20 percent of them said it would be appropriate to donate money to charity using cryptocurrencies.

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