China Has Passed A New Law To Regulate Cryptography


According to reports from local Chinese media, the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress has just passed a new law on cryptography, which will take effect in 2020 from the 1st of January.

The new law is said to have been made necessary by the need for proper regulation and support for the growth of cryptography in the country. Even though cryptocurrency is generally outlawed in China, the country is making specific moves to build up its tech clime especially as it relates to cryptography and blockchain technology in general.

Before approval, a draft proposal stated that:

“Clear guidelines and regulations are needed to evaluate commercial cryptography technologies used in the major fields related to the national interest as the current ‘loose’ system is not suitable for the industry anymore.”

At the moment, there aren’t too many details about the approved version, but its reportedly set to make sure for example, that any and all institutions that use cryptography must make sure there are certain systems in place, that ensure there is no exploitation and also confirms that all encryptions are fully secure. Furthermore, the law is said to state that at no time should the sale or application of encryption, contribute to any risks or “harm the state security and public interests.”

Furthermore, no engineer or developer is allowed to create anything that can challenge Chinese authorities at any point in time. Any person or entity who violates any of these laws, will be decisively dealt with, although no specific punishments are known for now.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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