Chinese Crypto Mining Crackdown Turns Focus to PC Rooms and ‘Home Miners’


China has effectively ended its industrial crypto mining sector. Now, China is pursuing the small fish: PC gaming room and internet cafe operators.

China has a vibrant PC gaming culture, just like other East Asian countries. Many gamers prefer to play in communal rooms where they can pay an hourly rate for their PC time. These rooms are called wangba (Wang Ba) in Chinese and feature high-spec computers with powerful GPUs, fast processors, and other features.

In order to comply social distancing regulations, all PC gaming rooms were shut down nationwide during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In China ( ), PC room operators used the hardware that was still sitting in idle to mine bitcoin (BTC), ethereum, altcoins.

Beijing has now seized control of PC room operators in Beijing after September’s crackdown against industrial mining.

The government has given provinces and cities the authority to enforce the policy. Police officers have made their way onto WeChat groups to warn PC room owners about the dangers of not complying.

Caijing M also reported individual miners were also hit.

According to media reports, broadband access was being monitored in the cases of internet providers who suspect that they are mining tokens from their homes.

Internet providers were told that they can and must “directly take steps to disengage” crypto miners from the networks.

Web service providers were also instructed to block mining pool domains.

However, many seem ready to defy Beijing. The media outlet stated that “still some PC-room businesses” are involved in mining while “some businesses are still engaged in trading mining hardware.”

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