Coinbase to Set Up a New Office in Portland, With Focus on Customer Service



After a long bombardment of hard hitting insults from critics, due to being completely under-prepared in terms of customer service. Coinbase is set now to open an office in Portland Oregon. The new office is said to be centered around customer support, finance, IT, compliance, and HR.

The exchange has apparently signed a seven-year lease for a downtown Portland office and plans to hire up to 100 people. The Portland Business Journal reported in May that Coinbase will be in a building just south of Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Economic development agency Greater Portland Inc., which helped recruit Coinbase, said the company received no public incentives for the new office.

Coinbase, is the giant of the industry when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. Recently, they’ve been scrutinized with heavy criticism, and recently, as far as customer service goes, they’ve repeatedly failed every time across the board.

Out of the users on the exchange, there was a total of 134 pages worth of complaints with the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), working with a wide range of outlying issues. Stemming in from the fact that Coinbase was simply not ready for the expedient growth they went through. Complaints ran their full course – from funds disappearing along the way with the new people who couldn’t take out any money – and as usual, the customer support was slower than a snail.

Tina Bhatnagar, Coinbase vice president of operations and technology, said in a statement,

“Opening a new office in Portland will help us tap into the city’s incredibly talented, innovative open-source and blockchain communities. We look forward to engaging the city’s rich talent pool and its thriving tech community.”

The cryptocurrency industry continues to be a wild west of sorts. Several cryptocurrency prices have fallen in recent months; Bitcoin went below $6,000 last week for the first time since February. Regulators are also putting down their foot on this new form of payment.

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