Coinbin, Korean Crypto Exchange Files For Bankruptcy


Business Korea, Coinbin’s CEO  Park Chan-kyu announced the bankruptcy on February 20, 2018. Immediately, after which cryptocurrency and cash settlements were stopped and will now be performed as part of bankruptcy procedures.

Park further revealed that the employee in charge of cryptocurrency balances at the exchange, who also happened to be the previous CEO of Youbit has neglected his responsibilities and embezzled Coinbin funds. Park said:

We are preparing to file for bankruptcy due to a rise in debt following an employee’s embezzlement.

As per park, the said employee intentionally appropriated the key to an Ethereum wallet containing over 100 Ethereum. However, the employee claimed the cryptographic key had been lost.

South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchange, “Coinbin(???)”, has filed for bankruptcy due to the loss of the wallet manager’s private key.

— Simon Choi (@issuemakerslab) February 20, 2019