Crossing the Rubicon? This Was the Market-Wide Reaction When Bitcoin (BTC) Jumped Past $15,000


If Bitcoin continues its climb, it may not be long before it finally tops the all-time high of nearly $20,000, reached in December 2017. With Bitcoin just a stone’s throw away from its all-time highs, many prominent Bitcoin personalities noted that it was high time for the flagship asset to make a decisive move.

BTC/USD Daily Chart

Reacting, Bill Noble, chief technical analyst with research firm Token Metrics stated “Nothing is stopping it from going to 2017 high, Everybody is afraid to miss out, and that drives the price.”

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network reinstated this:

“Not only is $15,000 going to happen, but I stand by my predictions from the beginning of the year that [Bitcoin] will see all new highs before 2021,”

Bitcoin relative strength index (RSI). Courtesy: PlanB

Image Credit: PlanB/Twitter, Shutterstock

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