Crypto Analysts Are Adding These Altcoins to Their Portfolios – Find Out Why


If you’ve been paying attention to the crypto market, you know that it’s currently in a bearish trend. For investors looking to buy cryptocurrencies at a lower price point, this is good news.

In addition to buying coins on exchanges, there are other opportunities outside of exchanges that are an important part of any crypto investing strategy–one of the most important of which is cryptocurrency presales. If one can find promising projects with sound fundamentals before they hit the market, it’s possible to find tokens at steeply discounted prices.

There are four popular token presales that have caught the attention of many investors who have been buying them steadily since their launches: D2T, IMPT, TARO and RIA. All four projects look promising due to their ambitious plans, financial support, and experienced teams.

The Dash 2 Trade platform will offer cryptocurrency investors an array of tools to help with strategies, including: tracking social sentiment and buying/selling trade signals for identifying trending coins, as well as a unique scoring system for assessing crypto presales. The goal of the soon-to-launch platform is to provide users with easy access to data that can be used to make informed decisions about investments.

Because of the recent FTX scandal, more people are interested in using tools that help detect crypto scams. As a result, Dash 2 Trade announced that their platform will launch sooner than planned and the token presale will be cut short. 665 million D2T tokens were going to be sold over 9 stages of the presale, but this has been reduced to 4 stages with 262.5 million tokens available for purchase.

Most of Dash 2 Trade’s functions will require the use of D2T tokens, which is anticipated to result in high demand for the token. So far, the D2T token presale has raised $9.1 million and 69% of tokens have been sold. The beta version of the presale dashboard will be released shortly as well., an initiative to offset carbon emissions and fight climate change, is nearing the completion of its token presale after raising over $16.1 million in two months. With over $1 million raised in the last 24 hours alone, the presale looks like it will raise considerably more before finishing on Dec. 11th .

The project connects users to hundreds of environmental projects globally, working with thousands of well-known retail brands that donate a designated portion of each sale on the platform towards the projects.


The IMPT token will be available on exchanges for $0.0253, which is 10% more than the final presale price. LBank and Changelly have already confirmed listings, with seven more exchange listings currently underway.

When shoppers use IMPT to make a purchase, they will not only receive tokens, but a portion of their spend will go towards an eco-friendly project dedicated to climate change. Credits that aren’t retired can also be traded on the IMPT marketplace. So far, our cutting-edge platform has partnered with major brands including Netflix, Microsoft, and Amazon.

In RobotEra, a gaming platform that merges play-to-earn gameplay with NFTs and worldbuilding, players take control of robot companions to explore the destroyed planet of Taro. With in-game tools, players can build their own robots and other assets without any coding knowledge.

There are many ways to make some money in RobotEra. Quests, community events, and even renting out billboards or spaces can earn you a quick buck. And if you’re feeling extra creative (or entrepreneurial), players can host events and charge admission fees.

In 2023, the project plans to integrate virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) into the game– allowing players to create even more immersive worlds that they can then monetize. This ability to make players income in a real in-game economy makes the game and token much more resilient to bear markets while setting the game up nicely for the next bull run.

Since the presale launch, RobotEra has brought in over $452,600.

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