Crypto Paradigm Enters Citadel, JPMorgan Clients on Bitcoin Price + More News


News about investments
Global market leader Citadel Securities has announced venture capital firm Secoia and crypto-focused investor Pardigm have made a USD 1.15bn minor investment in the company. Citadel Securities offers liquidity to both institutional and retail investors, they stated.
Only 5% of clients polled JPMorgan Chase & Co. stated that they see Bitcoin (BTC), reaching USD 100,000 by 2022, per. However, more than 40% saw it above USD 60,000. This is roughly where it was two months ago, before its current declines.
Fidelity Investments Canada has announced plans for a small allocation of Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETFwithin Fidelity All in-One Growth ETF, Fidelity All in-One Balanced Equity ETF and the corresponding mutual funds versions. This will increase the risk rating from “low” to “medium” to “medium”. They added that the decision was made to diversify and increase risk-adjusted return potential going forward.
VentureBeat reports that Lootex, a player-centric, cross-chain, non-fungible token trading platform (NFT), raised USD 9m in a round that was led by Spartan Capital and Infinity Ventures Crypto. The round was also led by Akatsuki, LD Capital, LD Capital, LD Capital, LD Capital, LD Capital and Akatsuki. The blockchain metaverse marketplace will allow gamers to trade and purchase items on multiple blockchains when it is complete.

Mining news
Luxor Technology Corporation announced that it has created a new service to buy and sell Bitcoin mining machines (ASICs). Luxor, the Luxor team, miners and investors will be able to purchase and sell specialized Bitcoin mining equipment through its new business line.

Regulation news
The Reserve Bank of India created a new division to identify financial technology challenges and opportunities, especially around cryptocurrency according to Quartz India. Since January 4, the new department is operational.

Tax news
The Thai Prime Minister Prayut Cha-o-cha directed the revenue department to discuss the issue of calculating crypto trade taxes and provide clarity for investors and the general public according to the Bangkok Post. The department is already in discussions with the Bank of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Legal news
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claimed that the blockchain-based trading platform tZERO violated federal disclosure rules. They fined the company USD 800,000. and issued a cease and desist order as part of a settlement.
An investor is suing Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather and Paul Pierce, former NBA star, for allegedly conspiring with Ethereum Max co-founders Steve Gentile (EMAX) to raise the price of the token, then dump them. This leaves average investors holding the bag that is almost worthless. Ethereum Max reached a peak price of USD 0.000000597636 in May 2021. It then fell by more than 80% over 11 days.

Adoption news
Andre Iguodala, three-time NBA champion and professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, has appointed Ivo Sater Chief Executive Officer at BitMEX link. This Switzerland-based business offers 24/7 crypto brokerage services and products. Sauter’s main goals will be to grow the talent pool and to build a team of professionals in Switzerland.
Binance has announced several new appointments to enhance their position within the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia and Ukraine. Olga Goncharova will assume the role of GR Director for Russia and Vladimir Smerkis in CIS. Kirill Khomyakov will take the general manager position in Ukraine.
Komodo (KMD), a blockchain interoperability protocol stated that it will add 13 protocols to the next AtomicDEX version offering trading support, wallet support and a multi-way bridge.

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