Crypto Trading is a Trending Topic within Global Popular Culture-Why is it so?


Today, trading is a very popular business venture. It is a popular investment option for many people. This includes Forex trading and Crude Oil trade. Inexperienced traders are also on the rise due to the increase in traders.

Inexperienced traders have a greater chance of making poor trade decisions because they lack the knowledge, understanding, experience, and ability to use trading tools, market chats, or previous market trends. Trading can be quite complex for them. This has led to a niche in the evolution copy trading: NAGA.

While copying trades from an experienced investor may seem to make work easier, it is important to do your own market analysis before you commit any capital. The investment capital remains at risk even if you copy the positions. Also, past performances do not always indicate possible future performance.

What has happened to copy trading? NAGA Autocopy

NAGA created a platform that allows investors to automatically copy trades of others because of the complexity and the increasing number of investors in the crypto, stocks and bonds markets. This is known as Social Autocopy.

This feature is only available to the NAGA super app, as it allows traders to copy other traders’ positions using the NAGA platform.

What does it mean?

One who follows another person on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter always receives a notification whenever they post a tweet or photo. The same applies to NAGA Social Autocopy. Social Autocopy features include a “follow/subscribe” option. This allows you to follow traders of your choice. After this is done, traders will receive a notification whenever they make a trade. One can copy the trader’s position if they wish.

Click the Autocopy button and visit the Leaderboard to copy the trader. It is possible to edit the amount you want to invest, even though it is an Autocopy.

NAGA also provides information about the trading history of the trader. Transparently, the trader’s losses and profits are displayed.

A unique price-matching algorithm can also be used to correct the time difference between the trade being made and its automatic copying. Because the trading market is volatile, it takes approximately a second and prices have changed. This algorithm eliminates the need to worry about latency, as they provide the exact opening and closing prices of each person they follow.

How do you allocate the amount of money one invests?

Autocopy allows you to adjust the proportion of investments. You have the complete flexibility to invest in the NAGA Social Investing Platform .

The amount of money one wants to invest will depend on the amount option they choose. There are two options for amount choices. These are:

Leader relative
Fixed Amount per Trade

The “relative leader” option allows one to choose the ratio that they prefer against the leader’s position. If the leader purchases 100 CocaCola shares, and your ratio is 10% you will automatically copy that trade.

This allows you to diversify your investment among different leaders.

You can also choose to invest a fixed amount. You could choose to invest $10 or the equivalent. This will be the amount that you will use to copy the leader at all times.

NAGA Social Autocopy provides you with an advantage in time management and allows diversification of your investment.

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