Cryptocurrencies: Is the WAVE platform really on the road to success?


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A new company has recently been causing a stir. Founded in March 2020, the WAVE platform operates the WAVE Wallet, on which Bitcoin and its own crypto currency, the WAVE token, can be stored. On the other hand, an internal crypto currency exchange has recently been added to the platform, where you can easily and conveniently trade your Bitcoin against WAVE and vice versa. Over time, more cryptocurrency pairs will be listed on the exchange and it is planned to completely transform the exchange into a decentralized exchange in 2021. Numerous other services are being developed to expand the WAVE usage system and to keep the platform always at the cutting edge of innovation. For example, a merchandise and shopping platform will be launched this year on which it will be possible to shop with the WAVE token. But how do you rate these services and the WAVE platform as a company?

As a young startup, the WAVE platform is of course going through the ups and downs that companies like, Apple, Microsoft or AirBnB had to go through in their startup times as well. The WAVE platform is no different in that point. Nevertheless, figures and data have only recently become known, according to which the WAVE platform is showing strong growth and thus painting a bright picture for the future. Since its launch, the platform just recently broke the 15.000 members mark and already had a market capitalization of over 9 million $!

The growth of the platform is especially strong in Europe and North America. This can be seen in the density of nodes that are already active on each continent, and on the basis of these figures, Europe as a market is clearly the front-runner for WAVE. From recent conversations with the company, it has become clear that other strongly growing countries are currently Turkey and Brazil.
We can clearly see that with the modern vision of the company, the platform is fully in line with the trend and the current figures after this short period of time clearly underline this. We are curious to see where the WAVE platform’s journey will lead and we will definitely follow it with great interest.

You can find the company’s website here:

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