Cyber Capital Invest: All You Need to Know About the Crypto-Investment Platform


Being an investor in the cryptocurrency market has its downside. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market makes it hard to predict. However, there exist experts who have been able to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape effectively. Their experience gathered through years of investing in the crypto market is invaluable.One company that has successfully modeled a way to bridge the gap between new investors and experts in the cryptocurrency market is CyberCapital Invest (CCI). In this article, we will be answering the frequently asked questions about this fascinating platform.

Who is Cyber Capital Invest?

Cyber Capital Invest is an online crypto investment platform that helps inexperienced investors to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market.

How Will Cyber Capital Invest Help Inexperienced Investors?

A research carried out by Cyber Capital Invest concluded that trading experience is the major factor for long-term sustainable profit in the cryptocurrency landscape. Unfortunately, this means that the odds are against new investors. So how do you go from being a novice to an expert crypto investor without sacrificing your investments? Enlisting the help of professional traders is the logical answer to this.

CCI has been able to put together a team of experts, risk analysts and professional traders who will analyze the crypto market for new investors 24/7. With this, new investors do not need to become experts before they can enjoy the benefits embedded in the dynamic crypto market.

How Is Cyber Capital Invest Different From Existing Crypto Investment Platforms?

Presently, the cryptocurrency market is filled with many crypto investment platforms. Unfortunately, many of these platforms have not been able to deliver the services that were promised to their customers. This is why it is important to highlight the things that set CCI as a beacon of hope to crypto investment:

  • The investment platform does not intend to make unrealistic promises.
  • CCI platform guarantees privacy by allowing users to create anonymous accounts.
  • CCI platform has flexible investment plans that allow users to make either quick or long-term investments.
  • The platform allows investors to withdraw their investments (including profits) without paying commission fees.
  • CCI platform has an unlimited range of payments method.
  • The platform has an anti-fraud department that monitors fraud and conducts risk assessments on the network.
  • CCI platform offers User’s insurance cover.

Apart from assisting new investors, the platform offers to help expert traders who do not have large asset portfolio.

What is Cyber Capital Invest (CCI) Token?

Cyber Capital Invest is a start-up built on the Ethereum network and its token is the CCI. CCI is a profit-sharing token which allows users to access weekly profit from the ever-growing Trading Capital Reserve. The platform has set in motion a plan that will allow the CCI token to be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges later this year. Also, token holders can trade the CCI token for money on the platform. The best part about a CCI token is that it is a Profit Share Token which allows the user to receive weekly profits from the consistently growing Trading Capital.

The total amount of CCI token in supply is 250,000,000 CCI. While the total amount issued for crowdsale is 175,000,000. Users will have a dashboard where they will be able to access different CCI token information like:

  • User’s CCI token quantity
  • CCI token’s rate on the market
  • The total amount of CCI token in circulation
  • The user’s statement of earnings
  • The total amount of CCI token purchased.

What is the Trading Capital Reserve?

The trading Capital Reserve serves as the Underwriting of the user’s insurance policy promised by the platform. In addition to this, it delivers a strong profit share to token holders on a weekly basis. The Trading capital Reserve is originally 40% of the ICO contributions.

How is the accumulated profit distributed?

The profit received from the trading of the Trading capital Reserve will be shared in four sections

  • 30% of the profit will be for shareholders
  • The platform users will get 40% of the profit
  • 25% will go to the CCI team
  • 5% of the profit will be returned to the Trading Reserve Capital.

Cyber Capital Invest innovative model sets it apart as the next generation platform for crypto investors.

When does the presale of the Cyber Capital Invest (CCI) tokens begin?

The CCI tokens are all set to be launched in the market on September 3. The Initial Coin Offering is gearing to go live on the scheduled date.

So stay tuned and mark your dates for the presale of the CCI tokens.

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