Decentral Games makes a monumental announcement on its DAO move


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Decentral Games makes a monumental announcement on its DAO move, marking the first-ever DAO-governed virtual land development entity

Built in Decentraland, Decentral Games is the first-ever metaverse casino owned by its users and provides provably fair casino games in a 3D metaverse. Since its mainnet launch in December, it experienced exponential growth of over 800 users with total bets of $8 million USD and total locked value of $5 million USD in just six weeks. Decentral Games now ranks one of the top on the dApps charts and its token (DG) is trending on Coingecko​.

On ​January 20​, Decentral Games announced the addition of 400 Decentraland LAND parcels to the DAO wallet – a $500,000 USD market value. Now, $DG token hodlers who create community proposals can vote to build out casinos, games, art galleries, and more on any of the 400 LAND parcels in the $DG DAO. This move will secure future expansion and boost the platform even further.

“This is a significant move for all Decentral Games’ stakeholders and communities, especially for the $DG hodlers knowing that vigorous expansion and growth are on the horizon. Moreover, to add even more value into the $DG DAO, we will be transferring 3000 DG (a $150,000 USD market value at time of publication) to the DAO to manage and allocate towards grants, development, marketing, etc.” said the Project Lead of Decentral Games, Miles Anthony.
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