Dogemama: The Next Big Cryptocurrency Token or a Scam?

Our detailed review of the latest cryptocurrency token Dogemama. We review its whitepaper, its tokenomics and more. From our first review, Dogemama seems to be a winner. Learn more here.

For anyone looking for the next big investment in cryptocurrency, you’ll be happy to be introduced to Dogemama. At CryptoVentureClub, we only review the most news-worthy and best tokens, and Dogemama certainly fits the bill. Even weeks prior to its launch, with little promotional efforts, the coin has been gaining serious momentum in the cryptocurrency clout, including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit.

Currently listed at an introductory price of $0.000032, Dogemama crypto sets itself apart from other memecoins for these reasons:

1. Decentralization

Do you know that the top 11 wallets holding Dogecoin hold over 46% of the entire Dogecoin supply? This essentially means that the whole Dogecoin market, millions of people, their investment fates all falls in the hands of these 11 anonymous people? These 11 people can choose to bankrupt Dogecoin anytime they want. You never want your investment to be controlled by a small group of anonymous people, with no regulation or restrictions. With Dogemama, they are adopting a rather deflationary transaction and supply model with a lengthy vesting period. This assures that no small group of holders are able to influence the market and price for the rest of the 99.9%.

2. Transparency

From Day 1, Dogemama is as transparent as they come. Alongside transparent BSCscan links, public documentation and detailed documentation, anyone of the public can study and view Dogemama’s token holders and market.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Bitcoin is built on one of the most resource hungry technology system in the world. The environmental damage of bitcoin mining is unprecedented and prompted Elon Musk to denounce the token as an acceptable cryptocurrency. Dogemama is built on Binance Smart Chain. BSC not only offers much lower fees than Ethereum, it also requires such a negligible energy usage when compared to some other crypto.

Launched 26th August, Dogemama has risen exponentially, featuring a return on investment of more than 150x within its first 24 hours. It is gaining momentum and experts have predicted a steady rise in the coming months.

A sure fire way to identify a scam token or pump and dump scheme would be the obscene promotional of a token before it even launched. Examples such as SavetheKids by the Faze, Logan Paul’s crypto and more. A legit crypto project takes months to gain a steady and stabilising increase in token price.

It is too early to determine whether Dogemama will be a sure winner, but the foundation, tokenomics and the direction the project is heading certainly points it in the right way.

Learn more at their website Dogemama

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