Early Users Report EOSIO Voice Access Problems, Unimpressed with Design


Social media responses have been lukewarm after EOS developer Block.one launched its decentralized social media platform Voice on July 4, coinciding with American Independence Day. Some would-be users complained of early access delays, with others pointing out potential platform design shortcomings that could impact its popularity.

“Traditional social platforms aren’t working for society, so we’re building the alternative we all need,” Salah Zalatimo, the company’s CEO, said on the day of the launch.

As previously reported, the platform will initially only allow registered users to publish and engage, while registration is to remain by request only until August 15 when users will be enabled to invite friends to join Voice.

However, a number of social media have already expressed their disappointment with Voice’s failure to grant them access.

“When will users registered through early access will actually get access? That too on 15 Aug?” asked one Twitter user.

Another stated that they were “still waiting” with some asking Zalatimo how long his own Voice account had taken to activate.

@Salafel How long does it need to get access? Still waiting…#

— irandom (@JuergenRandom)

On Reddit, a user who claimed to own EOS and stated that they had gained access to Voice on “day one,” wrote that the platform was “such a letdown.”

The Redditor continued,

Jenkins suggested a few ways of making Voice more accessible. He wrote about improving the platform’s design, eliminating the use of post titles, reducing the amount of space required for post space and discouraging long-form posts to make the feed less data-“dense.”

He concluded,

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