Employee Found Mining Ethereum Beneath Seoul’s Premier Opera House


A worker at South Korea’s most famous arts center and opera house, the Seoul Arts Center in the wealthy south-central area of the capital, was found secretly mining Ethereum in a basement, using the center’s electricity.

Per Hangook Illo , and YouTn, an unnamed member the center’s staff was suspended for two consecutive months. This presumably occurred because he or she was a civil servant. Two ETH mining rigs were discovered by employees inspecting a basement room beneath the Calligraphic Art Museum. The rigs included sophisticated graphics cards and were connected to power outlets.

Unnamed miner in his thirties claimed that he had several mining rigs at home and that he brought them to work in order to “store” them. He also admitted that he took the devices to the site in October 2020 knowing that it was unlikely that anyone would search the area. He connected them to the power network of the center, knowing that crypto prices had increased in November. However, he claimed that he had tethered his devices to his phone and not used the internet connection at the center.

He admitted to using a number of old center monitors in his setup.

The center found that he used the rigs for less than 50 days. During this time, he used under USD 275 of electricity and had mined approximately USD 575 worth tokens. His direct supervisor was also reprimanded after failing to find out what his team member was doing.

According to media reports, a spokesperson for Seoul Arts Center stated that the employee was not being handed over to police because he had already made a confession. The spokesperson concluded that:

“We didn’t press criminal charges in the instance, but we gave out the harshest punishments according to our internal regulations.”

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