Ethereum Blockchain Based Game “EtherGoo” Migrates To TRON Network


TRON News: EtherGoo, an Ethereum-based game will now be called TronGoo, as the popular game makes a shift from the  Ethereum(ETH) network to the Tron Network. Tron Arcade released the information in a blog post on January 4.

The game allows users to acquire Goo. It is possible to produce it or just steal it from other players on the game. Goo can be used to purchase production units and barracks. The strategy is very simple, barracks units are used to defend and attack while production unites increase users’ daily Goo.

Top ETH DApp @WorldWarGoo has joined #TRONArcade. Create your Goo empire at today! Learn more about the game here:

— TRON Arcade (@TRONArcade) January 4, 2019