Ethereum Rally Fails to Spark Chinese Interest as Bitcoin Hogs Limelight


Racing ethereum (ETH) prices have seemingly failed to impress Chinese crypto users, with interest in the token – as well as blockchain technology – almost unchanged despite record-breaking recent altcoin rallies.

Data from WeChat shared on Twitter by Primitive Ventures co-founder Dovey Wan showed that while interest in bitcoin (BTC) spiked as the token broke through the USD 20,000 and then the USD 30,000 threshold, ETH and blockchain interest barely even fluctuated – even when ETH was posting gains of over 100%.

WeChat keywords: “Bitcoin” – green, “Blockchain” – purple, “Ethereum” – yellow:

Google Trends data on BTC- and ETH-related searches originating in China appear to back this up, with BTC activity at sky-high levels, while ETH remained more or less stable.