Eugen Rosenmeier’s Take on the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Blockchain Projects and ICOs


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Eugen Rosenmeier is a cryptocurrency expert who regularly consults on digital marketing for digital currency projects such as ICOs and blockchain.

He combines his expertise in digital marketing in the blockchain industry with his in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies to help both startups and established businesses launch their brands and ICO projects into the spotlight.

Rosenmeier recently shared with us his expert opinion on how social media and digital marketing can help to promote ICOs and blockchain projects.

According to Eugen Rosenmeier, the ICO industry is characterized by aggressive and relentless competition as more coins are released to the already overcrowded cryptocurrency market. Sadly, most blockchain companies seem to have forgotten digital marketing and shifted focus on mainstream solutions in an effort to stay ahead of the pack.

The results of focusing on a single marketing strategy have been anything but impressive. In fact, research shows that close to 50% of ICOs launched in the last few years failed because they lacked the right marketing and promotion strategies.

To get a good idea about the importance of digital marketing for ICOs let’s first look at what makes a successful ICO.

What is an ICO?

Eugen Rosenmeier defines an ICO, which is short for initial coin offering, as a process designed to eliminate bottlenecks that act as an obstacle while raising funds from the public for the development and launch of a new cryptocurrency asset. Before the introduction of ICOs, the most common method of raising money from the public was through an Initial Public Offering or IPO.

In an IPO process, all a company required to do to raise funds was to publish the necessary documents and then hit the road and start attracting investors. The company would then start trading in an exchange where the public could buy and sell their shares in the company.

A majority of IPOs however faced several challenges. For instance, the company launching the IPO had to be an already established brand with a good reputation in its industry, and secondly, the IPO was limited to a specific country or geographical region. IPOs had to deal with numerous regulations that often became a major obstacle for businesses and brands seeking to go public.

An ICO, on the other hand, provides a more streamlined process that removes the bottlenecks associated with most IPOs. For instance, an ICO is global and not limited to specific geographical regions. You can raise money through an ICO from people in every part of the world.

With the right planning, implementation, and marketing, you can launch a successful ICO whether you’re an established brand or not. In fact, a majority of the most successful blockchain projects today began as an ICO.

How Can You Market an ICO Successfully?

Eugen Rosenmeier recommends starting by having everything in place before you even consider marketing your ICO in the digital space or otherwise. You need to first come up with a perfect ICO white paper and develop a good ICO website.

There are many ways of marketing the ICO but keep in mind that popular search engines such as Google don’t support ICO marketing through their PPC Adwords marketing channel.

As an experienced ICO digital marketer, Eugen Rosenmeier recommends working with a professional ICO consultant to help you create an effective strategy to market your ICO.

The ICO consultant will devise a sound marketing strategy that may include a combination of the following methods:

  • Content marketing in which you rely on high-quality content to reach out to more people and attract more investors
  • Guest posting in highly trafficked websites in the blockchain and investment industries.
  • Sponsored content in websites with high amounts of daily or monthly traffic in relevant niches
  • Search engine optimization in which the ICO consultant works with other SEO experts to rank your ICO website higher on search engine results for relevant keywords.

When planning your ICO avoid falling into the all-too-common misconception of build it and they’ll come.
That’s how most ICOs never make it beyond the white paper publication stage. You need to focus on marketing your brand as actively as you have worked on the blockchain technology that your ICO is based on.

You need to reach to a wider audience and cultivate the audience to respond positively. That’s where a digital marketer for ICOs and blockchain projects comes in.

How Does an ICO Consulting Expert Help?

Eugen Rosenmeier says that the huge amounts of capital raised using ICOs have brought about stiff competition in the blockchain industry.

You’d not be mistaken to think that everyone, including those with the most basic idea about ICO, wants a piece of the blockchain pie today.

It’s no surprise why thousands of ICOs are released to the market every month. However, only a handful of them ever succeed. Most fail because they do not enlist the services of professional and experienced ICO digital marketers and experts.

An ICO marketing consultant is a digital marketer who works in the blockchain space. The consultant helps people and brands to develop and market their ICOs successfully.

Some of the core services offered by an ICO consultant and digital marketer include the following:

  • Writing the ICO whitepaper before your company can launch its ICO
  • Market research on the viability and success of your ICO project.
  • ICO marketing using digital marketing and the best marketing practices for ICOs. The consultant helps to design and implement the best digital marketing strategies for your project.
  • The consultant also helps you to launch the ICO to the public and other relevant activities such as registering your ICO in European and off-shore jurisdictions.

Marketing Your ICO on the Digital Space

Eugen Rosenmeier also pointed out several ways that a competent ICO digital marketer uses to promote your company’s ICO.

The consultant’s goal is to direct attention and traffic to your project using a combination of technologies and strategies such as:

  • Brand optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Reputation management
  • Social media marketing

If you want to maximize the potential of your ICO, Rosenmeier recommends enlisting the help of a professional digital assets management and marketing expert. Eugen Rosenmeier has been in the crypto and ICO management industry for years.

He has previously worked on successful ICO launches for both new and established brands.

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