FBI Says North Korea Was Behind $100m Harmony Horizon Bridge Hack


The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has blamed North Korean hackers for the attack last year on the cross-chain bridge provider Harmony. The Harmony Horizon bridge was compromised in June 2022, with hackers making off with $100 million worth of crypto.

The FBI, Reuers and Yonhap reported, blamed “two hacker groups associated with North Korea” for the breach: namely the Lazarus Group and APT38.

And the bureau claimed that on January 13, the groups “used a privacy protocol called Railgun to launder over $60 million” worth of their funds. It claimed that a “portion” of the Ethreum (ETH) stolen in the raid “was subsequently sent to several virtual asset providers and converted to Bitcoin.”

Railgun is an anonymizing tool that grants certain levels of privacy protection to transactions.

Earlier this month, the head of the crypto exchange Binance claimed the platform had stopped a hacker in their tracks – and had teamed up with rival Huobi as part of a joint effort.

North Korea’s ‘$1.2bn Crypto Hacking Haul’

Multiple private-sector security providers last year claimed to have evidence that Lazarus and other North Korean hackers had mounted the Harmony attack.

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