Former Ironsource GM Sagi Bakshi Takes Charge as Coinmama’s New CEO


As of April 21, Sagi Bakshi, the former general manager of ‘unicorn’ adtech startup IronSource, has officially stepped into the role of chief executive at Israel-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinmama. Bakshi said that he believes that Bitcoin is the future of money.

According to, Bakshi will lead the exchange in its mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible worldwide by attempting to position itself as the ‘go-to onramp’ for new Bitcoin users over the next decade; as of April, Coinmama had a community of 2 million users in 188 countries.

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“What’s most exciting to me about Bitcoin is that it’s disruptive.”

Prior to stepping in as Coinmama’s CEO, Bakshi served as General Manager of the IronSource’s largest division from 2011-2018. Bakshi, who is also a computer scientist with 20 years of experience, and a longtime Bitcoin enthusiast, is eager to bring his knowledge and experience base to Coinmama.

“What’s most exciting to me about Bitcoin is that it’s disruptive. It’s a new financial system, unlike any system we’ve seen before,” said Bakshi in a statement. “But in order for Bitcoin to succeed in the long term, it needs to be adopted on a much wider scale.”

Therefore, Bakshi explained that “our goal now at Coinmama is twofold: to continue to make crypto as easy as possible by automating as much of the process as we can and providing the best quality of crypto service available. And in tandem, to use our platform to educate new and potential users about the benefits of cryptocurrency in order to drive mass adoption.”

Prior to Bakshi’s arrival at CoinMama, Asaph Schulman (the exchange’s previous CEO), announced in February 2019 that he would be stepping down to take some time off.

Schulman was the CEO of Coinmama since 2017, originally joining the company from Checkmarx. Upon the announcement that he would be leaving, Schulman told Finance Magnates that “when you look back at what the Coinmama team was able to achieve in 2018, despite the ‘crypto winter,’ it is clear that the company has made huge progress which our team can be extremely proud of.”

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