Google Kicks Crypto Wallet and Browser MetaMask Off Play Store


The official MetaMask account sent out a tweet announcing the development. MetaMask says Google insists that the project runs afoul of Google’s laid down policies.

Furthermore, MetaMask notes that it has appealed to Google’s delisting but the appeal was rejected. Google apparently continues to insist that mining is not allowed on Android, even though MetaMask doesn’t offer mining on its platform. The thread also suggests the possibility that either Google’s reviewer doesn’t understand the policy or Google is “enforcing an unwritten policy.”

While MetaMask asks the public to speak out against a “Goliath” that “censors disintermediation”, it assures the public that it will find other alternatives.

“If left banned, we will be working on other ways of bringing our services to users still stranded on the Android platform while they migrate to something more free.”

Image Credits: Pixabay

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