Google Wanted to Hire the Multi-Millionaire Founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, for an Intern’s Salary



Vitalik Buterin has been candidly notorious (more often than none) with his Tweets, keeping his followers dizzy with guess works. The founder of Ethereum did something similar in May when he Tweeted that Google has offered him a job. Not giving much into the offer the Tweet just stated:

“I hope you are doing well and enjoying the weekend! Google make sense for you now or in the near future.”

What could be deemed as an obvious reaction, the news that Google offered Ethereum Founder., Vitalik Buterin a job spread like fire. As a result, speculations were made that Google might be interested in recruiting the 24-year-old founder for a secret cryptocurrency project. However, the bubble has finally been burst as Buterin disclosed the real story behind the tweet.

A per a Forbes reported, Vitalik Buterin explained at a recent fireside chat at an event in San Francisco that Google did approach him but not for a high-profile position. He Said:

“I hope we all realize that this was a joke. Some random HR person from Google emailed me, most likely because some machine learning algorithm analyzed my GitHub and saw that I had some high score in the international Olympiad. Apparently, I fit the blueprints as a great candidate to hire at an intern salary.”

See what we meant by candidly notorious. Though Google does offer a comparatively well salary to its interns, it is highly unlikely that Buterin, whose current net worth is thought to be between $100 million to $200 million was enticed by the offer. Safe to say that he was surely entertained by it.

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