Ledger Data Breach Reveals 1 Million User Emails and Almost 300K Physical Addresses


Reports suggest that the leak is a result of the data breach that Ledger suffered back in June. At the time, Ledger did say that the hack only exposed 9,500 phone numbers, postal addresses, and product purchase details. According to an Inside Bitcoins report, Ledger may have significantly underreported the June hack. In an official tweet, Ledger said:

“Today we were alerted to the dump of the contents of a Ledger customer database on Raidforum. We are still confirming, but early signs tell us that this indeed could be the contents of our e-commerce database from June, 2020.”

At the moment, Ledger is reportedly collaborating with law enforcement bodies to find the perpetrators. Regardless, customers are upset and are threatening to drag the company to court. Many users are currently asking others to completed end their patronage of the company.

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