Level of LatAm Crypto Interest is Lowest in Chile, Survey Finds


A new survey found that Chileans are the least interested in crypto in Latin America. More than 25% of respondents don’t know what Bitcoin (BTC) means.

A study by LatAm-focused PR agency Sherlock Communications included 2,700 respondents from the region. The focus was on Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

However, only 74% of Chileans claimed to have “recognized BTC”, while 92% of Argentinians said the same.

Argentines are more crypto-savvy than other countries, with 41% saying that they knew the top token ethereum. Another 30% of respondents from Argentina said that they knew LTC () . 16% added that they knew DOGE ().

However, only 10%-18% of Chileans claimed to have knowledge of any of these coins.

However, Chileans are more cautious than their near-neighbors when it comes to crypto investments.

Only 7% of Colombians stated that they were not interested in crypto. This compares to 12% for Brazil and 17% for Chile.

A third of respondents in all five countries said that they want their governments to adopt more crypto-related regulations. The most skeptical group was Chileans when it came time to evaluate El Salvador’s decision to accept BTC as legal currency.

Over half of all the Brazilians, Mexicans and Colombians polled said they supported El Salvador’s BTC move. 48% of Brazilian respondents stated that they would like Brazil to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

Chile was the exception in this regard, with only 36% believing that El Salvador’s President Nayib Buukele made the right decision.

Nearly a quarter of respondents stated they didn’t have enough money for crypto investments. However, almost half said that crypto could be an effective tool in international money transfers and exchanging fiat currency.

Giorgio Jackson (Chilean opposition leader, Democratic Revolution party), urged the government this summer to recognize crypto as an asset type and admitted to having an unknown amount of ETH.

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