Manchester City Brings Players Closer to Fans with Blockchain Gaming


Manchester City (Man City), one of the major football teams in the English Premier League, has just revealed that it has partnered with Superbloke, a blockchain based football gaming startup based in South Korea. According to the announcement, the partnership is expected to facilitate the integration of Man City’s players, with Superbloke’s FC Superstars blockchain football game. This will provide fans of the football club, the opportunity to support their club, as well as enjoy blockchain gaming online.

According to City Football Group Senior Vice President of partnerships, Damian Willoughby:

“This new partnership with Superbloke marks another exciting milestone in City’s growing relationship with gaming and will create unique experiences for fans to engage with the Club through digital platforms. We look forward to welcoming Superbloke to the Manchester City family and growing our knowledge of this developing industry through this partnership.”

The partnership was initially hinted back in June, when Superbloke unveiled a new FC Superstars beta platform. At the time, Willoughby was quoted expressing optimism for the collaboration.

FC Superstars is a decentralized application (DApp) which allows users play football games and also hold star tokens, keeping them as digital assets. The Superbloke game will now allow Man City fans do the same and also create and build up their own digital football teams. The platform will also allow the integration of real stats from actual games played by Man City in the English Premier League.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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