Miners Remind the Community: Scaling the Bitcoin Block is Important


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How was your recent Bitcoin transaction? Too expensive or too slow? That’s why you should care!

Some select miners are reminding the community that the Bitcoin block is still very much in need of scaling. As such, they are continuing to push support for the BITCOIN8M campaign. This isn’t the first-time miners are rallying for community support for Bitcoin8M.

Back in February, miners announced the vast potential of the campaign in solving the current scalability problems faced by the blockchain.

Bitcoin8M is a project that encourages the active involvement of miners and stakeholders in increasing the block limit to 8 megabytes, which is expected to significantly lower transaction costs.

Bitcoin Issues

  1. Create posts that increase awareness of scaling the blockchain and hashtag #Bitcoin8m #BlockSizeMatters
  2. Share posts on Bitcoin8M
  3. Join Reddit discussion
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