Mining Bitcoin with a VPS Server! Wisdom or Stupidity


Extraction With Home Systems

Currencies that you can extract with home systems can include ZCash, Ethereum, Ravencoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Grin, and other currencies that you can start mining you should research.

Because home systems have both CPU and GPU, you can extract any currency. Still, you should be careful that your extraction speed will be slow, and do not expect to make big money faster like other devices that we will explain in the following.

Extraction With ASIC Devices

It is a device designed to extract digital currencies. ASIC devices are used to extract currencies with one or more special algorithms. ASIC devices have been created due to the expansion of the blockchain network and the increasing complexity of the digital currency network and do nothing but extract digital currency with high speed and lower power consumption.

Nowadays, if you want to extract Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Zcash currencies, you must use these devices. ASIC miner devices are very similar to microprocessor chips and random access memory (RAM) of ordinary computers. The difference is that their electrical circuits are designed exclusively to store information about bitcoin mining.

The chips that make up ASIC devices have higher efficiency, operating speed, and power consumption than conventional chips; in contrast, they have less flexibility and scalability; Because they are designed for a specific purpose only. The production cost of these chips is much higher than other chips.

ASIC devices currently dominate 70% of the world’s mining industry. Bitmain, MicroBT, Innosilicon, Canaan, and Ebang are some of the largest ASIC companies in the world.

Extraction With GPU

Extraction of digital currency by graphics processors (GPUs) solves complex mathematical equations to add new blocks to the blockchain and produce new coins. Extractors can use the computational power of these cards to solve complex mathematical equations and calculate hash blocks.

Graphics cards have been used in the past to extract bitcoins. But today, with the increase in Bitcoin network hash rate and the entry of ASIC devices into this field, GPUs are no longer profitable for Bitcoin mining.

GPUs can be used to extract Ethereum, which also has a relatively acceptable profit. Usually, people who are professionally engaged in this work use either ASIC devices or graphics cards.

Extraction With VPS Virtual Server

If you are planning to buy a virtual server or a dedicated server and start extracting digital currencies with it, I must say that it is not a wise thing to do, and you have to think a little more and make the right decision; it will fail before it starts.

Extracting digital currencies with a virtual server will not be cost-effective for you, and most importantly, the virtual server has other usages. If you want to extract using a virtual server, keep in mind that you are doing something illegal, and if your service provider finds out about what you are doing, your server will be blocked, and you will no longer have access to it.

Virtual servers or even dedicated servers have limited resources, and the type of components used in them are not for extraction and have other uses.

Extraction devices generate very intense heat while working, and this heat is created because all the parts work at their best power, and also use the power to help them work to the maximum, and so on.

It should not be forgotten that these devices are ventilated, and fans with very high speeds (for example, 2000 to 10,000 rpm) are used to cool them. They have both very high noise and high power consumption.

This is why you should not use a virtual server or a dedicated server to extract because the servers are located in a place called the data center where their power consumption is controlled and do not have the ability to keep the servers cool in situations not defined for it. If you are currently doing it on a VPS, your server will be blocked soon.

You may be wondering what uses the virtual server makes, which I will mention below.

  • Linux virtual server LinuxLinux virtual servers are based on different distributions. They are usually run on web applications that are more useful for programmers or for people who want to build a website or mobile applications for themselves.
  • Windows Virtual ServerWindows virtual servers, like home systems, have a Windows operating system, and you can browse the web and run software that you may always need the Internet for it to run.Most people use the Windows Virtual Server as a VPN with no restrictions and is hidden to surf the web.Some people do Forex trading using the Windows Virtual Server, and because they always need to have online trading software, the best option is to use a Windows virtual server.The most popular platforms they trade with are MT4 and MT5, which are programmable, and you can program different bots, and you no longer need to trade, and the bots you designed will do it. The bots enter the transaction and leave the transaction at best possible time.If you are a trader and want to use a virtual server for your trades, you can either use a Windows virtual server or try the service. Forex VPS is like a Windows virtual server. The only difference is that it has more security than the Windows virtual server, and some non-functional access is limited, and you can trade more safely.
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