NEM (XEM) Launches Blockchain Incubators In Melbourne, Australia


The Foundation, working on the behalf of the XEM cryptocurrency, launches blockchain incubators in Melbourne, Australia. This marks as the first of the series planned by the foundation. The newly launched NEM Blockchain Hub will aid world wide l, thearners to enlighten themselves with blockchain. Along with that, the firm will provide premises and funding for worthy blockchain initiatives. Foundation, works as a part community outreach program and part launchpad for startups. The hub aims to encourage blockchain adaptation across the  local business community.

Melbourne is pushed to evolve as a center of  technical excellence of blockchain. The Blockchain Hub will operate from  Victorian Innovation Hub and host 360 start-up accelerators and incubators when it is fully up to speed.

Blockchain is a fast growing and evolving technology and LaunchVic are pleased to welcome Foundation to the Victorian Innovation Hub,
–Dr. Kate Cornick, CEO of LaunchVic.

The NEM Foundation is looking forward to bridge the gap between blockchain start-ups and the business community that needs its support. The NEM Foundation Asia and New Zealand Lead Jian Chan stated:

“The launch of the NEM Blockchain Hub in Melbourne is a strong sign of our commitment towards supporting innovation in Australia and the world. We are excited by the opportunity for blockchain in Australia and are thrilled to be moving to the Victorian Innovation Hub as part of this initiative.”

NEM Foundation collaborates with FinTech Community

To enhance job opportunities and to evolve Melbourne tech community, NEM Foundation will also join the not-for-profit Stone & Chalk fintech hub.

We are excited to include NEM as part of the Stone & Chalk community. Blockchain is an area of growth and we look forward to work together on initiatives to support the ecosystem here.
–Alan Tsen, General Manager for Stone & Chalk

NEM’s expansion 

The company launched it Australian operations last year, it has since than grown it presence in more than 40 countries and intends to launch a series of incubators across the Asia Pacific region.

Amidst the report that claims that  84% of businesses are actively working with blockchain, a large chunk of the  wider world still suffers from a major knowledge gap. The concept behind Blockchain, the digital ledger technology should be spread across the globe to enhance it appeal. The NEM Blockchain Hub aims to show the potential of the blockchain, which would encourage others to join the crypti ecosystem.

Several cities and governments across the globe has been striving to achieve a technology center mirroring the silicon valley concept. Australian government has open heatedly accepted blockchain, now that their concentration is on Melbourne, the city’s redeveloped docklands could become a leading light of the Australian economy once again.

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