Neufund Receives Clearance for Public Offerings From Lichtenstein Financial Authority


Neufund, a German fintech and crypto startup aimed at financial inclusion and transparency, has just received clearance from the Financial Monetary Authority of Lichtenstein, allowing it to begin hosting public offerings of tokens on its own platform. The firm already announced its first offering on Monday the 16th of September for Greyp, a mobility firm backed by T-mobile and Porsche. Neufund CEO Zoe Adamovicz has remarked that:

“It’s a big day – not just for Neufund, but business and finance.”

Since its aim is accessibility and financial inclusion, Neufund will host offerings allowing investments as low as 10 EUR. The platform, regardless of the fact that it’s in the German/Lichtenstein jurisdiction, will support incorporation from other nations like the United Kingdom. Already, there are plans for offerings from firms in other countries such as Belgium, Croatia and India.

Neufund also helps interested companies by significantly reducing the entry requirements for firms who wish to use the platform for fundraising. This goes a long way in helping the platforms easily afford an offering, instead of going through the more costly route of a regular Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Apart from being a better alternative to an IPO, Neufund also speeds up the fundraising process, making it much faster than going the VC route. With Neufund, companies can easily kick off their campaign in just a few days, provided all the KYC requirements are met. Neufund, last year, hinted that it would be setting up shop in Malta.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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