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News about investments

According to Qualtrics’ data, Finder Consumer Sentiment Tracker, one in six Australians now has cryptocurrency. Their holdings are worth USD 8bn. This ongoing survey is conducted monthly among 1,000 Australians. With 9% of the respondents owning bitcoin (BTC), 8% own ethereum, 5% have dogecoin and 4% bitcoin cash (BCH). 35% of respondents believe that Bitcoin will eventually become more popular than traditional currency.

Bloomberg reported that SBI Holdings, a Japanese financial conglomerate, is planning to launch Japan’s first crypto fund before the end of November. Tomoya Asakura oversees Japan’s largest online brokerage’s asset management. The fund could be worth several hundred million dollars. He said that investors might need to invest between JPY 1m and JPY 3m (USD 9,100 to USD 27,300). The fund will be targeted at those who are familiar with the risks associated cryptoassets.

EQIFI, a licensed and regulated decentralized finance platform, has announced new products that support the Tezos (XTZ), blockchain ecosystem. They announced that EQIFI will provide Tezos staking services and borrowing services for its global customers. EQIFI’s power comes from EQIBank a licensed and regulated online bank. The native EQX token lets community members provide input on decisions like listing assets and tokens, adjusting market interest rates, and modifying collateral limits.

Economic news

In the US, nonfarm payrolls increased by 235,000 jobs last month, the smallest gain since January, Reuters reported, adding that data for July was revised up to show a whopping 1.053 million jobs created instead of the previously reported 943,000. Wages increased by 0.6%, and there were fewer people experiencing prolonged periods of unemployment.

News from the Exchanges

Coinbase announced that users in the UK will soon have the opportunity to earn staking rewards using Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2.0). A waiting list was launched this week, ahead of the rollout. Customers can earn up to 5% APR per year through staking assets on Coinbase and converting their Ethereum into ETH2.

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa advised the public to be careful and vigilant when dealings with Binance Group. They are not authorized to provide any financial advice or render intermediary services in South Africa.

Regulation news

Texas House Bills 4474 & 1576, which help to adopt cryptoassets & blockchain in Texas, are now in effect. They were officially enacted on September 1. They passed by both chambers in the state legislature in May and were signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott in June. H.B. H.B. 4474 amends Texas’ Uniform Commercial Code in order to recognize cryptoassets as commercial law.

According to Reuters, Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has established a fintech section to study crypto products and investments. Although he did not give a timeline for the publication of regulations, he said that the SEC would assist once crypto is permitted within Nigeria’s banking system.

Blockchain news

Cardano (ADA) has launched smart contracts functionality on the blockchain’s testnet. This allows developers to build decentralized applications and test them out before they are officially released. The Cardano development company Input stated that they had upgraded the Cardano testnet and successfully deployed Plutus smart contract capability. “The current focus is on final component testing and exchange integrations ahead of the Alonzo mainnet upgrades, which are still on schedule for deployment on 12 September.”

Banking news

According to TASS, Sberbank, a major Russian bank and financial institution, is planning to register its digital asset issuance platform at the central Bank of Russia by mid September. According to TASS, Anatoly Popov (Deputy Chairman of Sberbank’s Board) stated that the company is still in active discussions with the central bank about the product’s design and technical requirements.

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