NFTs Cause Carnage in the Latest South Park Special


Non-fungible tokens ( ) have been a disruptive force within the art world. However, in the most recent episode of the US animated series South Park it was shown that investing in such assets can lead to death and destruction.

One of the scenes from the comedy special Post Covid:The Return of Covid shows a team of firefighters transporting victims of what appears to be a massacre leaving many corpses scattered about a demolished building.

“It was unlike anything I have ever seen.” The firefighter said that it was just complete murder and carnage. Although things looked calm initially, a man dressed in a suit arrived to discuss investment opportunities. “The next thing you know, these people started chanting “hodl, hodl” and their NFTs began mooning,” said the fireman.

He continues, “And then these guys over there started saying those guys right here right-clicked’em and called for an pump-and-dump.”

“Which made these men beat the living hell out anyone who claimed it was FOMO and died screaming it was the flippening.

The creators of the show demonstrate more than a basic understanding of crypto lingo by using terms such as fear of missing the opportunity (FOMO), and flippening (a term used in order to describe a situation where Ethereum (ETH) would take over the top crypto, Bitcoin (BTC)).

“Fortunately, I made it through it all okay. I bought this tiny miniature donkey with an illuminated sombrero,” he says, while proudly showing his screen what appears to be an NFT. His colleague then comes in with a second “great investment opportunity”, a small turtle equipped with wings.

This animated series has been mocking global finance for years. The latest episode is yet another example of cryptocurrency’s presence in the show. The recently released South Park animated movie flick shows a future where bitcoin (BTC),, and other cryptos will be a dominant method of payment.

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