OKEx Launches ‘USDK’ Stablecoin in Partnership with Prime Trust


OKLink, the Hong-Kong based global settlement subsidiary of cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, is launching its own stablecoin today, June 3rd.

The launch of the stablecoin, known as USDK, will happen in partnership with the launch of United States-based crypto custodian Prime Trust. Prime Trust is also one of the trust companies in charge of the escrow accounts that hold the collateral for TrueUSD, another stablecoin; the firm also enables fiat trading on Singapore-based crypto exchange Huobi.

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The launch of the USDK business was confirmed yesterday when OKLink posted copies of the partnership agreement on Twitter.


At press time, OKEx was the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted daily trading volumes, having processed the equivalent of $1.8 billion in trades over the last 24 hours.

Finance Magnates reported in March that OKEx is in the process of developing a decentralized exchange with its own blockchain, which will be known as OKChain. OKChain’s testnet will reportedly be launched later this month.

OKEx isn’t the only exchange to be working on launching a decentralized arm–Binance is also in the process of developing its own decentralized exchange. However, news emerged yesterday that users in at least 29 countries will be barred from accessing the exchange.



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